About Us

The South African Music Performance Rights Association NPC (SAMPRA) is a non-profit company, incorporated in November 2000, operating nationally as a non-governmental organization. Although initially accredited by the Department of Trade and Industry's as a collecting society which licenses specific copyrights that vest in record companies that were members of the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA), on 28 November 2014, SAMPRA was accredited as a collecting society that administers rights on behalf of performers and copyright owners jointly.

The body of sound recordings licensed by SAMPRA is referred to as its repertoire.
SAMPRA administers, on behalf of its members, the following rights:

  • communicating sound recordings to the public
  • the diffusing of sound recordings
  • the broadcasting of sound recordings

These three rights are collectively referred to as the "performing rights" in sound recordings.
SAMPRA's main functions are:

  • the licensing of the performing rights in its repertoire to users
  • the collection of licence fees
  • the distribution, amongst its members (and affiliates), of royalties derived from licencing fees (less administration costs)

SAMPRA issues licences to South African radio broadcasters who use sound recordings (records, tapes, CDs, digital media) in SAMPRA's repertoire in their transmissions. Additionally, shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs and other music users, who render sound recordings to the public, require a SAMPRA licence to authorise these organisations to play millions of sound recordings on their business premises.

SAMPRA is guided by its accreditation conditions, applicable legislation, its memorandum of incorporation and carries out its functions in accordance with internationally accepted standards and practices.