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The SAMPRA Mobile App has been developed for recording artists and record companies who are members of SAMPRA as well as Music Users who are Licensees of SAMPRA.


Stay abreast with the latest music and industry News and have All of our social media pages together at your fingertips.

Live Chat

Get real-time support on the go and responses from us immediately by using our Live Chat feature.


Apply to become a member for free or notify us of your recorded works directly within the App.

Chat to us directly with Real-time Support

Our support agents are ready to assist you on your journey to musical success. With our customers at the centre of everything we do, allowing them quick and easy access to help and answers they might need is essential to us.


Consolidated Industry News

Stay abreast of the latest music and industry News and have all of our social media pages at your fingertips.

To give your input with comments and reactions you can follow us directly at:

South African Music Rights Association



How The SAMPRA App Works

We can't wait for you to start benefiting from the use of our App, find out more about its features.

Modern, Powerful and Creative

We have been hard at work in order to ensure the best App experience for our users, one which they will not only find incredibly useful but also easy to use.

Feel free to watch our App's explainer video to give you a full view of the App and all its functionality. But always remember, that this is just the beginning and we will be releasing future versions of the app with even more awesome features for the benefit or our members and users.

Discover More

Awesome Screenshots

To get a preview of what to expect when you download the app, take a look at our mobile app's screenshots and get ready for a great experience.


Apply or Notify

Apply for your SAMPRA Membership directly via the App as a Recording Artist or Record Company.

You can also Notify us of all your New Recorded Performances to add to our repertoire so we can ensure that your royalties are paid for all your broadcasted music.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5


Looking for more?

In addition to the impressive features listed above, see below list of other useful features of the app.

Contact Page

The contact page is more than just a list of contact details but rather filled with various additional ways in which you can reach out to SAMPRA including a map to our offices in which clicking on our location icon will launch your phones navigation application, leading you directly to our offices.

E-mail Us Directly

Within the Contact Page you can also email SAMPRA from within the App and attach files from your phone directly in the App.

Learn More About Us

Click on the Information icon to learn more about SAMPRA and all the ways in which we can benefit you.

User Preferences and Settings

Turn push-notifications on or off with our settings toggle. And update any personal information we may have stored from the use of the Live Chat feature.

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Download the app today, and experience it for yourself. Available in the App Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users.


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